Every now and then you come across a web site that is so direct in its mission and so informative in its nature that you wonder why it’s not required reading. That’s the case with Nathan Burney’s The Illustrated Guide to Law. It is not just good – it is a fascinating site that is broken down into 3 major areas:

– Criminal Law – what you can and cannot do.

– Criminal Procedure – what the police can and cannot do.

– Constitutional Law – what the government can and cannot do.

Illustrated Guide to Law by Nathan BurneyThe author of this web site is Nathaniel Burney, an award-winning New York City criminal defense attorney.  He’s a former prosecutor and knows both sides of the legal discussion. His site is fun and smart without being condescending and never misses an opportunity to teach you something. He offers no legal advice on the site, but it will be clear to you after a couple of pages that this guy is pretty darn smart. He takes something very complicated – criminal law and makes it easy for the layperson to understand. His illustrations tie in smoothly with each teaching segment helping to further clarify Mr. Burney’s excellent page of  instruction.

The sections on Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure are available as paperback books from Amazon.  I’ll be blunt. There are several politicians I can name off-hand who really need to read Mr. Burney’s work on the Constitution (or for that matter his section on electronic surveillance). It is a masterpiece of instruction.

This is a web site worth spending your weekend on.

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