It has been a while since I last recommended a website, but I have two to recommend with this post.

Orders to Nowhere –  This blog, per the website, “… is about the journey of a Marine’s transition from a career spanning almost three decades of service back to the civilian world he came from.”  And while that may seem interesting, it, in itself, is not enough to get me to suggest you lay your eyes on it. What makes this blog worth reading is the fact that the blog is well written and details a fascinating look at a life in transition.  It tracks Mike Grice as he retires from the Marine Corps, deals with Government bureaucracy at the VA and settles in a job as a columnist for a local newspaper, the North County Times. My only nit to pick with this site is that the comments are gray letters on a white background which is almost impossible for these old eyes to read (the articles are written as white letters on a black background).  The bottom line is that Orders to Nowhere is a smart, well written personal blog that should be on everyone’s reading list particularly if you’re in the military and plan to get out soon.

Actions Not Words –  This is the blog of Medal of Honor winner, Dakota L. Meyer. I told you about this former Marine sergeant here last September. Meyer, who has partnered with the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation to raise $1 million to educate the children of Marines, decided that he couldn’t just watch when recent tornadoes devastated the town of West Liberty, Kentucky. So Meyer and three of his friends packed up their equipment, rented some heavy equipment and headed to the wind-torn community. His blog started in mid-March, so there aren’t many entries, but you can’t help but be affected by his writing and storytelling. Meyer never considered himself to be a hero and isn’t comfortable with that term when used relative to him, but his current actions are heroic nevertheless. Dakota Meyer’s blog, Actions Not Words should be on your reading list and is highly recommended.

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2 Responses to Orders to Nowhere and Actions Not Words

  1. Mike Grice says:

    Thanks for reading my blog, and also thanks for the insight concerning how difficult it is to read the grey on black scheme. I will try something new with my next post to see if it is a little easier!
    Thanks again!
    Mike Grice

    • Bill says:

      Mike, thanks for writing a well thought out blog. Your post/articles are fine, I just find the comments hard to read. That said, I look forward to your next post.


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