Comic-Con has been a staple of San Diego county summers for 40 years. It is, in fact, become so large an entity that other larger venues are wooing the convention and the consensus is that Comic-Con’s days at the San Diego Convention Center are numbered.

Oddly enough, I have never found the time to make it to this 4-day event and on the occasions when I’ve decided to go, the event was sold out.  But because I have a friend who goes religiously every year, this year I got a goody bag.2010 Comic-Con Souvenirs

In addition to the 2010 souvenir book, I got Brightest Day (issue #0) and a beautiful tee-shirt for the upcoming Jon Favreau directed movie, “Cowboys and Aliens,” which I am not showing here until September.

Sadly, because there are so many creepy people in the world, I don’t want to name my friend, but I have directed her to this post and I want to say publicly and loudly, “Thank you so much!! These gifts made my year!”

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