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…Of a Nail – A drabble back story about a couple of mercenaries named Shayera and J’onn from the story And All for the Want…. (A J’onn J’onzz & Shayera Hol “Forget-Me-Not” Story.)

A Day in the Life – Some time when things go wrong, they can still go right. (A J’onn J’onzz & Shayera Hol “Forget-Me-Not” Story.)

A Forging of Steel The Justice Lords come to grips with the difficulty of finishing the revolution after the death of President Luthor.

A Rose By Any Other Name… Shayera asks John the big question before “Starcrossed.”

A SongFic That Wouldn’t Die Another challenge response on JLA Universe.

A Story About Destiny – A Drabble Series by Terry Winder – What if Carter Hall was right about reincarnation?

A Tapestry of Crayons A post-Divided We Fall story about Batman action figures, lost keys, whistles and potato salad.

Adaptation Thirty-six hours after the night of “Wild Cards, Shayera has a problem.

Aftermath: Knots On A Rope Not all puppets are made of pine.

Aftermath: Night of the Paladin John Stewart discovers that destiny, like an elephant, is ignored at your own peril.

Aftermath: Return of the QueenShayera discovers a pattern to destiny and to her life.

Aftermath: The Beads on the StringJohn and Shayera must make decisions about their future in their new world. – (2006 Rerun Award nominee).

Amoroso – Six of the Seven are hooked on a feeling and the feeling is oh so wrong.

And All For the Want… – Co-written with Merlin Missy.  Strange dreams are plaguing Aquagirl’s nights, and Terry intends to find out why.

Birth of the Ronin An instructor in the Espionage Wing is assigned to a remote planet to gather intelligence. (A RUMOURS Story – Don’t Stop)

Bonds of Steel It’s the small things that hold the Justice Lords together.

Bookends Between birth and death, there is life or something like it. An R ‘Verse John Stewart, Shayera Hol and Rex Stewart futurefic.

Broken Ground – Green Lantern meets an old friend of Shayera Hol in the Omega quadrant. Alternate Universe.

Broken Mirror – Batman and Shayera discover that Winston Churchill was right: “Nothing is more costly, nothing is more sterile, than vengeance.”

Changing Focus After “Legends,” Green Lantern, the Flash, the Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl have to try to get home.  One of them takes a little longer to get home than the others. 

Children of Cocytus – A Justice Lords Story The Justice Lord Diana questions the decisions of her life.

Courtney’s ComplaintCourtney has a feeling that the new Leaguers won’t work out. Virgil hopes she’s wrong. (An R ‘Verse John Stewart / Shayera Hol futurefic.)

Crossing the Maginot Line Shayera Hol & the Vixen help Katma Tui on a personal mission to save a mutual friend. This Alternate Universe story occurs after “Wake the Dead.”

Crossing the Styx by Terry Winder – Shayera Hol’s thoughts in the sewer during Wake the Dead.

Crystal Clarity – Hawkgirl agrees to help the Green Lantern with a security assignment in the Omega quadrant and meets an old friend.

Dark Dreams – The Flash and Hawkgirl dream about each other, but not in a way that either one likes.

Django – A Wake the Dead story. Adam Strange and Shayera Hol return to Rann to fight a common foe.

Doctor Iron’s Kalimba Song by Terry Winder – Vixen, Steel and Key Lime Pie

Doing Her Job Shayera and John reflect on what happens when she does her job.

Double Speak Batman, Robin and a puppet mastermind.

Exploration by Terry Winder – When John’s away, Vixen goes exploring…

Father’s Day Even the biggest oak started out as a seedling. An R ‘Verse John Stewart, Shayera Hol and Rex Stewart futurefic.

Formaldehyde and Lilies Clark speaks to a Gala, Lois attends a roast while investigating a murder. (A Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Story)

Frozen Love – John Stewart and Shayera Hol rediscover a moment in time.

Freudian Slip by Terry Winder – After “Divided We Fall,” John & Shayera have a talk.

Hearts and Bones – A Justice Lords Story Even family must tow the line under the Justice Lords.

Hearts of Steel The Justice Lords continue to establish their authority after the death of President Luthor and the Flash.

Her, The Ring and Him by Terry Winder – Their thoughts when she gives him back his ring in the Batcave during Starcrossed.

His Grandma’s Dream by Terry Winder – Afterwards, John thinks about what he saw in TOAFT2.

IMPACT! – A Justice Lords Story The long reaching effects of the Justice Lords.

In Search of Spirit Voices – John has questions that need answers after “The Once and Future Thing.” (A RUMOURS Story – Dreams)

Incident at Amwor – A Lantern’s Tale – Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway. – A John Stewart /Droxelle Story

Incident at Nagbor – A Lantern Tale – “Sleeping with a Green Lantern causes nothing but problems in your life.” – A John Stewart Story

Landslide – A post-Starcrossed story about a catharsis for Shayera Hol at the hands of Inza Cramer-Nelson before the JLU episode: The Return.

Living with Shadows After “Hunter’s Moon,” Shayera Hol is forced to confront her fear.

Looking Into the Abyss by Terry Winder – Bruce, Barbara and a gun.  Spoilers for “Dead Reckoning.

Moondance Lois and Clark have a serious discussion after the events of Destroyer. (A JLU:TAS story)

MoonLight – Paran Dul learns Napoleon was right: “Vengeance has no foresight.”

More of My JL Drabbles –  More of my Justice League drabbles

My JL Drabble – My collected Justice League Drabbles

Night Thoughts John Stewart’s thoughts before the Washington D.C mission in “Starcrossed.”

Obligations by Terry Winder – The Justice Lords Superman and Wonder Woman have a conversation of the heart in their universe during “A better World.”

Of Knights and Queens Before there was Warhawk, there was Warhawk! A Rex Stewart/ Merina Curry R’Verse story.

Once Upon A Time in the Future – After Egypt, but before the Imperium, there may have been Adella, Texas.

P.O.V. – A 250 word challenge response on JLA Universe.

Pain of Darkness – Cicero said it best: “The soul in sleep gives proof of its divine nature.” – A Shayera Hol story

Phoenix Rising – A challenge response for Hawkgirl 92 at JLAnimated. An alternative meeting of Shayera Hol and John Stewart before “Wake the Dead.”

Pie Squared by Terry Winder – Vixen, Steel & Pie – again. Contains a spoiler for Divided We Fall.

Private Conversation – John has the “talk” he needs with Shayera after the events of “Starcrossed.” (A RUMOURS Story – Go Your Own Way)

Quantum Leap: Thanagarian Invasion – A JLAnimated challenge response.

Retrograde! – Personal fallout from the Thanagarian withdrawal. (A RUMOURS Story – Gold Dust Woman)

Riddled The Riddler, Batman, Robin, Big Trouble.

Rise – Something light, but what are they talking about?

Sarah Stewart – John Stewart tells his daughter a bed time story.

Secrets John Stewart and an old friend have a frank, blunt conversation about human relations after “Starcrossed” but before Initiation.

September Mourn A very dark Hawkgirl story, post-Starcrossed and the day after “Fearful Symmetry.” There is no happy ending to this story and if you prefer you may consider it AU. Sorry, but you have been warned.

Set and Match by Terry Winder – Another Steel and Vixen story. “You smiled and then the spell was cast.”

Seven at Midnight Drabbles – Because somewhere on this planet, at the top of the hour, it’s midnight.

Shadow Chaser Hawkgirl and the Martian Manhunter travel to another world to accept an award for the League and are delayed. 

Skin – A story in response to a challenge on JLA Universe.

Slightly damaged – A challenge response on JLA Universe

Solving for R – Variations on a Theme Drabbles by Terry Winder – Co-written with Nancy Brown. Possible Spoilers. John & Shayera + 35 years equals Warhawk.

Songfic: Legacy by Terry Winder – This is a response for the Songfic Challenge in the HG/GL Forum.

Steel Sunrise The Justice Lord Diana suffers a crisis of faith as she wonders whether her gods are listening to her anymore. (A 2006 Rerun Award nominee)

Tala, Anyone? The sorceress Tala is looking for a new boyfriend and has her sights on Clark. (A Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman / JLU:TAS Story)

Tales from the 5X8 Cards – The most self-indulgent thing offered on this site to date.

The Backyard Lesson – A Hawkgirl 92 challenge about lawn mowers, hedge clippers and handling the truth.

The Chain A post-Wake the Dead, Alternate Universe, story about the effects of Superman’s decision in “A Better World” to arrange a pardon for Lex Luthor on John Stewart and Shayera Hol three years from tomorrow.

The Councilman’s Wife John & Shayera come out of retirement to right a wrong – for a Gordanian.

The Dance of Elephants – In the gym, John & Shayera discuss their relationship. A missing scene from Amoroso.

The Debrief – Adam Strange debriefs the JLU senior staff on Shayera Hol’s first post-Starcrossed JLU mission.

The Demons Inside – Sometimes it’s all about acknowledging mistakes and moving on. A John Stewart/ Shayera Hol story. Rated R for language/violence/implied rape/character death.

The Fox and Hawk Shayera Hol and Mari Jiwe Macabe meet in the Watchtower cafeteria after “Wake the Dead.” 

The Light Beyond John learns that he knew less about Shayera than he thought after “Starcrossed.”

The Privacy of Elephants by Terry Winder – John, Shayera and an Alternative Universe. Spoilers up to “A Better World.:”

The Return of Red Claw The Terrorist returns. Can Batman and Wonder Woman dispatch her?  

The Script A Justice League movie is made with deadly consequences. A Flash Story.

The Sea Tiger – A JLAnimated challenge response.

The Secret Star Batman thinks he has a new enemy – Commissioner Gordon.

The Space Between What if Tom Turbine was right? What if there are an infinite number of Earths?  A sequel to Changing Focus. 

Thirty Point Nine Five by Terry Winder – Another Steel and Vixen story. This is a sequel to Pie Squared.

Travis Puts Away his Gun – Vixen, Green Lantern, the Flash, Old Yeller, Engarde. (A RUMOURS Story – Second Hand News)

Tribes Everyone is part of a tribe. John Stewart, Shayera Hol and Rex Mason discover theirs.

Whale Song – Sea mammals and Superheroes have much in common. A sequel to Secrets.

With Extreme Prejudice – A Justice Lords Story – Everyone needs family, some more than others.


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