The House of Steel

Stories featuring
The Justice Lords Superman and Wonder Woman


A Forging of Steel The Justice Lords come to grips with the difficulty of finishing the revolution after the death of President Luthor.

Hearts of Steel The Justice Lords continue to establish their authority after the death of President Luthor and the Flash.

Steel Sunrise The Justice Lord Diana suffers a crisis of faith as she wonders whether her gods are listening to her anymore. (2006 Rerun Award nominee)

Bonds of Steel It’s the small things that hold the Justice Lords together.

IMPACT! – A Justice Lords Story The long reaching effects of the Justice Lords.

Children of Cocytus – A Justice Lords Story The Justice Lord Diana questions the decisions of her life.

Hearts and Bones – A Justice Lords Story Even family must tow the line under the Justice Lords.

With Extreme Prejudice – A Justice Lords StoryEveryone needs family, some more than others.




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