Fan Fiction Site Map

What’s New? – Quick pointer to new stuff on the site.

The Complete Library – Points to every story here including the Terry Winder stories and all the drabbles.

 The R’Verse Timeline Exactly that. The timeline and story links to the R ‘Verse. 

The House of Lantern The stories of the animated Justice League featuring Shayera Hol and John Stewart.

The House of Steel The stories of the Justice Lords.

Batman Stories Stories from the Batman: The Animated Series.

Superman Stories Stories of Superman from the animated series and from Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

 Challenge Stories Stories written as a challenge. Generally, challenge stories are not released outside the forum or this site.

Terry Winder Stories – Stories written under the penname of Terry Winder.

Why I write about a cartoon show – Another page with links.

The Explanation of Houses – An explanation as to how I use Alan Moore’s naming convention for the House of Lantern and the House of Steel.

The Legal Stuff – Stuff like disclaimers and warnings and what not.



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