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6600 B.C. (Shadow of the Hawk)
 or 6000 B.C. (Ancient History)

Two Thanagarian law officers, Katar and Chayara Hol, crash land in ancient Egypt. They are worshipped as gods and rule as king and queen until they and General Bashari (who was having an affair with Chayara) are poisoned by the priest Hath-Set (AH).

Shadow of the Hawk*

Ancient History*

Two Thanagarian law officers, Katar Hol and Chayara (last name not given) crash land in ancient Egypt. They are worshipped as gods and although they are not married, rule as king and queen (thus Chayara assuming Hol's surname) until Katar discovers Chayara's affair with General Bashari.

Chayara prevents Katar from killing Bashari and Katar, in his disgrace, commits suicide. Chayara and Bashari rule for five years until they are poisoned by the priest Khalis. Khalis is overthrown by the Lord of Order, Nabu whose spirit now resides in the helmet of Doctor Fate.

 Return of the Queen

 1000 Years Ago

The Imperium invades Mars.

Secret Origins*

500 Years Ago

The Martian, J'onn J'onzz, leads a group of volunteers who defeats the Imperium using a paralyzing nerve gas.  J'onn J'onzz, as the last surviving Martian, enters long term hibernation and guards the site.

Secret Origins*

 9 Years Ago

The Green Lantern, Droxelle, completes two years of  training under John Stewart. She would Stewart's last trainee.

Incident At Nagbor

 8 Years Ago

Lieutenant Shayera Hol of the Thanagarian Empire comes to Earth on a covert intelligence mission. She assumes the name of "Hawkgirl" and becomes a crime fighter of such note that Batman is aware of her presence and establishes a file on her.

Secret Origins*


 6 Years Ago

After landing on Mars, U.S. astronaut J. Allen Carter accidentally disturbs the site guarded by J'onn J'onzz and releases the Imperium from the effects of the paralyzing gas. Carter is killed and his duplicate returns to the Earth and becomes a U.S. Senator.

J'onzz follows Carter to Earth and tries to warn the U. S. Government of the pending invasion, but is captured and held prisoner.

Secret Origins*

 4 Years Ago

Superman responding to a psychic call frees the imprisoned J'onn J'onzz. J'onzz mentally calls other heroes, including Hawkgirl and the Green Lantern of sector 2814, John Stewart, to combat the Imperium. The Imperium is defeated and the Justice League, consisting of Superman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, J'onn J'onzz and Diana of Themyscira, is formed.

Secret Origins*

Rex Mason, John Stewart's old buddy from his Marine Corps days, becomes Metamorpho.


 3 Years Ago

The Joker and the Royal Flush Gang threaten to blow up Las Vegas with twenty-five bombs. John Stewart and Shayera Hol become lovers. A Thanagarian armada, led by Shayera Hol's betrothed Hro Talak, invades the Earth using intelligence gathered by her over the last five years. The invasion is repelled and Shayera Hol goes into hiding, but not before confessing to John Stewart that her love for him was not a lie.

Kimberly Ventris, Emile Dorian and Dennis Curvier start working on DNA splicing technology for Project CADMUS.

Wild Cards*


Broken Mirror

Superman and J'onn J'onzz guide Doctor Fate to Shayera Hol.

The Light Beyond

Living With Shadows

Doctor Fate permits Shayera Hol to stay with him and his wife, Inza Cramer-Nelson, for a time while she "finds" herself. Inza and Shayera form a lasting friendship.

The Return*

 Wake the Dead*

 2 Years Ago

John Stewart begins a love affair with Mari Jiwe Macabe (Vixen). Shayera Hol comes out of hiding to kill a possessed Grundy and returns to the League. She no longer calls herself "Hawkgirl," instead answering to her given name. (Many people among Earth's population still refer to her as "Hawkgirl.")

Wake the Dead*


John Stewart and Batman travel approximately fifty years into the future to capture the criminal Chronos. While in the future, they meet an elderly Bruce Wayne, Terry McGinnis (Batman), Virgil Hawkins (Static), and Stewart and Hol's son, Rex Stewart (Warhawk).

The Once and Future Thing, Part 2: Time Warped*

 One Year Ago

Shayera Hol, Vixen and Vigilante are ambushed on a remote moon by Paran Dul, Kragger, and five other Thangarians. Shayera learns that Thanagar lost the war to the Gordanians and that Hro Talak is dead. The trio fend off the ambush, take the Thanagarians' ship and strand Paran Dul and the others on that moon. Shayera tells Vixen she is still interested in John Stewart.

Paran Dul and Nurdan Pal, the sole survivors of the failed ambush, are rescued and transported to Altair IV at the request of the Green Lantern, Droxelle. Nurdan and Paran would become mates and have a son named Nurda.

Hunter's Moon*


Shayera takes Dul's clothing, helmet, armor and mattress from the commandeered Thanagarian ship. J'onn J'onzz suggests the name "Warhawk" in conversation with Shayera, based partially on having read John Stewart's thoughts after his return from the future.

Living With Shadows

Without her knowledge, the League founding members implement the "Shayera protocol" to protect Shayera from future ambushes.

Night of the Paladin

Amanda Waller is assigned as special liaison to the League.


Shayera Hol and Rex Mason become friends. Stewart buys earrings for Shayera that he keeps in the same pocket dimension as his battery.


 This year

Carter Hall (born Joseph Gardner) shows Shayera the tomb of Chayara Hol. He tells Shayera that he and she are the reincarnated lovers, Katar and Chayara Hol. Hall reveals himself to be Hawkman. Hall, Hol and Batman, who followed Hall to the tomb, meet and defeat the Shadow Thief.

Shadow of the Hawk*

Two children, referring to themselves as Duckboy and Animal Girl are found wandering in the Watchtower. Duckboy, wrongly believed to be Robin, is abducted by the Secret Society and, under the influence of Tala's truth spell, reveals Batman's secret identity to Gorilla Grodd.

Time and Tide

John Stewart, Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), and Kara In-ze (Supergirl) travel approximately a thousand years into the future where they encounter the Legion of Superheroes. While there, Bouncing Boy tells John Stewart he will be the father of someone, but Stewart cuts him off before he can finish speaking.

Far From Home*

The Shadow Thief kidnaps Shayera Hol, John Stewart and Carter Hall. The trio learn from the Absorbascon, which Shayera initially insisted was broken, that in another lifetime both Shayera and John had been lovers and were murdered by a jealous Katar who later committed suicide.

Carter Hall tells Shayera that it was never the right time for them and suggests that she "knows how the story should end."

Stewart tells Shayera about his trip to the future and meeting their son and then announces he is staying with Mari. Shayera asks Batman to tell her about her son.

Ancient History*

Pain of Darkness

Stewart tells Mari about Warhawk. She chooses to stay with him anyway.

The Beads on the String

Swiss real estate investor, Marcus Delacroix, buys property in Metropolis after several buildings, including the Daily Planet, are destroyed by Darkseid.  Delacroix leases property to Wayne Enterprises, owners of the Daily Planet, so that the daily newspaper can continue operations.

Lois Lane tells Clark Kent that she knows he's Superman.



Amanda Waller asks Batman to kill Ace, leader of the new Royal Flush Gang, before Ace dies of an impending brain embolism and leaves a permanent distorted reality behind. Batman instead convinces Ace to return everything back to normal. She does and he sits with her until she dies.

Before she dies, Ace makes Batman forget about his trip to the future so that he is spared the knowledge that he will end up alone.


Solving for R

Droxelle kills Daan-Ro, leader of the Legion of Fire. It would be the last time Stewart and Droxelle would work together.

Incident At Amwor


The Green Lantern (Donna Parker), Green Arrow II (Fred Queen) and Metamorpho (Rex Mason) having traveled from an altered future, kill the time criminal, Hourmaster in order to correct the timeline.

And All for the Want...

While fighting the remains of Lex Luthor's Legion of Doom, Shayera Hol and John Stewart are blasted 33 years into the future by one of  Toyman's devices. Rex Mason and Toyman are killed and Stewart and Hol are missing and presumed dead.

Solving for R

Knots on a Rope

Kyle Rayner is assigned as the new Green Lantern for sector 2814. The League establishes a new governing council, with five permanent chairs (the surviving founders) and five rotating chairs.

Gorilla Grodd tells Batman that he knows he is Terry McGinnis. Based on Grodd's mistaken assertion, Batman (Bruce Wayne) concludes that Grodd really doesn't know what happened to John Stewart or Shayera Hol.  J'onn J'onzz ensures Grodd will tell no one else what he knows.


 6 Months from Now

The Joker kidnaps and brutalizes Tim Drake (Robin) for three weeks. Batman and Batgirl rescue him, but not before Tim kills the Joker.

Return of the Joker **

Bruce Wayne buys the industrial park complex where Shayera Hol, John Stewart and Rex Mason died. He has the existing buildings torn down and a recreational park created in its place. Wayne subconsciously puts a swing set at one end of the park, similar to the one where he sat with Ace until her death.

Return of the Queen

Civil war breaks out on Oa. One third of the Corps (1200 Lanterns) rebel against the Guardians.

The Beads on the String

 2 Years from Now

Mari Macabe marries Cleavon Delacroix after a one year courtship. Cleavon is the brother of Swiss real estate investor, Marcus Delacroix.

 The Beads on the String

Diana of Themyscira gives birth to Cassandra, daughter of Zeus and Demeter.

In the Midnight Hour

 3 Years from Now

Alicia Delacroix is born.

 The Beads on the String

During a battle with Doomsday, Mr. Miracle, Scott Free, is killed teleporting the monster to a distance sun.  The widowed Barda would join the Justice League, but would forever distrust Batman because of Scott's death.

Not One Battle Famous

 5 Years from Now

Susan Delacroix is born. The civil war on Oa ends. Katma Tui and Kilowog are dead and buried at the Crypt of the Green Lanterns. The Green Lantern Droxelle is killed by members of the Legion of Fire seeking revenge for the death of their leader, Daan-Ro.

The Beads on the String


13 Years from Now

Fred Queen, son of Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance-Queen is born.

And All for the Want...

 19 Years from Now

Wayne Delacroix (Micron) is born to Mari Macabe and Cleavon Delacroix.

 The Beads on the String

 The Call**

 30 Years from Now

Gordanian occupation of Thanagar ends. Thanagar becomes a protectorate of the Gordanian Homeworld.


 33 Years from Now

Shayera and John Stewart re-appear in the future. Shayera creates a new identity as "Warhawk" after recalling J'onn's name suggestion years earlier.

Stewart is reassigned to sector 2112, but gets to remain in sector 2814 with the permission of the Guardians.

Shayera Hol and John Stewart form a family unit.

Solving for R

Knots on a Rope

Night of the Paladin

Return of the Queen

The Beads on the String 

The New Recruits

Courtney's Complaint

Time Flies

The Show


 35 Years from Now

Terry McGinnis is born to Warren and Mary McGinnis.


The Signs of Air and Water

Merina Curry is born to Arthur and Mera Curry.

The Signs of Air and Water

John Stewart has a strange dream that recalls a former life.

Rex Hol Stewart is born.

The Stewarts travel to Galtos to learn the fate of Thanagar. On Galtos, they encounter the Thanagarian, Nurda Pal, son of Paran Dul and Nurdan Pal, who tells them that Thanagar is a peaceful protectorate of the Gordainian Homeworld.

John Stewart and Shayera Hol formally marry in front of the original Justice League members and Virgil Hawkins (Static).  Stewart gives Hol the earrings he'd stored in a pocket dimension for 36 years. The Stewart-Hol wedding would be the last time the original seven would gather together as a group.

Once Upon a Time in the Future

Solving for R

Called for Duty



Invitation Only

Father's Day

 40 Years from Now

Arthur Curry (Aquaman) goes missing and is presumed dead. His son, Triton, assumes the throne.

The Call**

The Signs of Air and Water

 45 Years from Now

Wayne Delacroix joins the JLU as Micron.

The Call**

 The Signs of Air and Water

 50 Years from Now

Terry McGinnis become Batman when his father is murdered and he steals the Batman suit from Bruce Wayne.


Merina Curry comes to the surface, assumes the name of Aquagirl and joins the JLU.

Rex Stewart joins the JLU as a part-timer.

The Call**

The Signs of Air and Water

Between the Ocean and the Sky

 54 Years from Now

John and Shayera move off-world, possibly to the second moon of Galtos in the Omega Quadrant.

Kai-Ro becomes the Green Lantern for Sector 2814. Rex Stewart becomes a full-time member of the JLU.

John and Shayera come out of retirement to aid a Gordanian.

The Signs of Air and Water


Spring Green

The Councilman's Wife

 58 Years from Now

Rex Stewart and Merina Curry begin an on-and-off-again love affair.

The Signs of Air and Water

 60 Years from Now

Wayne Delacroix (Micron) and his wife have a baby. Cassandra (Wonder Woman) joins the JLU.

 The Signs of Air and Water

 In the Midnight Hour

 65 Years from Now

Terry McGinnis finds out from Amanda Waller that he is Bruce Wayne's son. Terry McGinnis and Dana Tan marry.


Triton dies. Merina returns to Atlantis to rule until Triton's daughter, Erissa, can assume the throne.

Merina marries Cerdian, son of Garth.

The Signs of Air and Water

 68 Years from Now

Arthur Seaborn is born to Merina and Cerdian.

 The Signs of Air and Water

 69 Years from Now

Robin McGinnis is born to Dana and Terry McGinnis, three months after Bruce Wayne passes away.

 Time and Tide

All the Little Birdies

 70 Years from Now

Merina returns to the League and assumes the secret identity "Marie Seaborn." She, Rex Stewart and Arthur form a family unit.

The Signs of Air and Water

Snapshot for the Moment


Of Knights and Queens

 77 Years from Now

Shayera Hol, formerly Hawkgirl, later the original Warhawk, dies in her sleep on the planet Galtos. John & Rex place her ashes in her family mausoleum on Thanagar. Her grandson, Arthur Seaborn and his friend, Robin McGinnis, travel 77 years into past where under the influence of a spell by Tala, Arthur reveals to Gorilla Grodd Batman's secret identity of Terry McGinnis.

Merina & Cerdian formally separate under Atlantiean law. Merina, Rex & Arthur establish their home in Detroit.

Time and Tide

 78 Years from Now

Terry McGinnis as Batman saves his daughter, Robin, from bank robbers who take her third grade class as hostages.


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