In December 2010, I posted about the group E.S. Posthumous.  My son had given me an album by them called Makara and I instantly fell in love with the group and their music.  Sadly E. S. Posthumous is no more because of the sudden death of  Franz Vonlichten, who along with brother Helmut, made up the group.  But their music lives on and affects me still.

One of the readers of that post, David, pointed out to me the group Two Steps From Hell.  He said that the spirit of E. S. Posthumous lives on in this group.  It turns out David could not have been more correct.  The group, consisting of composers Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen, specializes in writing original music for movie trailers.  And they are some of the best at their craft.

twostepsfromhellAfter the suggestion to look into their music, I asked my son what he knew about the group. He said he wasn’t familiar with them, but he would investigate. The next day he came back to me with a “… you got to check this out.”  The song he gave me to check out was entitled, Norwegian Pirate, written by Thomas Bergman. One listen and I was hooked. The music of Two Steps From Hell is bright, bouncy, rhythmic and pulls you in. As I said, I was hooked.

You’ve heard their music before – you just don’t know that you’ve heard it.  It’s currently used in the new Mass Effect 3 trailer.  Their music’s been used in the movie trailers for John Carter, The Green Lantern, Real Steel, Safe House and so many more. Please note that they didn’t write  the soundtracks to these movies, just the original music to the movie trailers themselves.

The group’s latest release, Archangel, is full of music that can be the soundtrack to your daily activities.  This group produces the music I want to hear.  If you’re a fan of E.S. Posthumous, you will become a fan of Two Steps From Hell. Their music is available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. Their website is here.

Below is Norwegian Pirate. It is the music I see myself playing as I defend my household against the zombie apocalypse. Don’t know how long I’ll hold out, but I’ll be energized, that’s for sure.

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