About Me:

So what can I tell you about me that you might find interesting?

Really nothing.

I’m the classic example of old in body and young at heart. Actually, the heart is not that young either. I was born in the last century and am fairly confident that I shall die in this one. I’m not too complicated to understand or really all that deep. That is not to say that I am shallow, but I try to get by and try to get along.

I believe that in life, a person should try to do no harm, but I recognize that sometimes you have to. Like I said, I’m not that complicated.


About the Blog:

“Little Corner of the World” –  the name is probably the most obvious shout out of ego and vanity  that I could have picked out for a blog if you really think about it. I chose it because I wanted to have something that indicated that I am entitled to, and master of, my viewpoint of the world.  Generally, I find humor in just about everything, but not everything I write is humorous.

This blog, which is updated every Tuesday and Friday (except in November and December), is very much a work in progress and is not so much a personal daily journal as it is a repository of my personal interest and experiences.  But to be clear the primary purpose of this site is to serve as my own self-amusement.  In other words, I’m my own intended audience. That said, your feedback and comments are certainly welcomed. There is not an overarching theme, but if you’re only interested in a particular subject, click on the tags or categories which are on each post. If you find a broken link, please inform me by contacting me via my contact page or commenting wherever you think appropriate with as much detail as you can. Broken links or 404 drive me crazy and it is my mission in life (or at least on this site) to eliminate them wherever I find them.


About my Writing:

I have been known to write stories about the animated DC Comic book characters who are members of the Justice League.  The stories I’ve penned can be found at FanFiction.Net or on my own sites BillA1′s Justice League Animated Fan Fiction and JLA Universe.net.   If you have a question or a comment for me, you can drop me a note on my contact page telling me what you think.  Thanks for visiting. Hope you’ll come back.



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